Pear, walnut and chocolate cake

Just before I went on my holiday, sweet tooth arrived to our house. At our open market I bought lot of pears. Our little monkey likes it a lot, however we were not able to finish them before our travel. So I decided to make a cake… To be honest, I am still struggling with baking. Partly because of my oven, then I am really not experienced with it and I think the most difficult part is to keep the exact amounts πŸ˜€ When I am cooking, most of the times, I follow my senses and do not care much about exact amounts.


What do you need:

100 g walnuts

140 g self-raising flour

175 g butter (small pieces)

50 g chocolate (chocolate chips)

140 g brown sugar

3 spoons of Chia seeds

1 spoon of vanilla extract

2 eggs

pears (I would say that it depends how much you really like – I used 5 pears)

*apricot jam



Preheat the oven to 160 degrees, take a baking tray where do you want to put our cake and put baking paper (as I am using) or spread butter around the tray. Grind part of walnuts and the other part crush in smaller pieces. Add pieces of butter and make a crumble. In the other bowl, whisk eggs with sugar until nice foam is created. Mix it briefly with prepared crumble dough, with vanilla extract and Chia seeds. Cut half of pears into small pieces and mix it with chocolate (chocolate chips), afterwards add it into the prepared dough. Pour the mixture into baking tray and cover the top with the rest of cut pears. Put into the preheat oven and bake for 50 to 60 minutes or until the dough is done. Leave it few minutes in the oven and cool it down afterwards. If you have apricot jamΒ (I unfortunately did not), melt it and spread it on top of the ready cake.

It does not look that great in pictures, however it is easy, quick and delicious cake!



Vero and Canito



51 thoughts on “Pear, walnut and chocolate cake

  1. This is so so pretty Vero! It looks like it would be perfect with a big mug of tea! (I just made some pear walnut bread on Monday when friends came in!– it must be the baking time of year!) Hope you’re settling in well back at home! xox

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