Czech classic… Pork schnitzel with “famous Christmas” potato salad

When I say Czech classic then I really mean Czech classic. Czechs love potato salads. They use it to make special sandwiches called “chlebicky,” but also just as a side to main dishes. And, for example, a typical Christmas dinner includes potato salad with fried carp or schnitzel (mainly pork one, as traditionally speaking – any flying animal is not welcome on the table that day as your happiness and good luck can fly away with it 🙂 ). However, you can prepare it in every occasion you want to. Christmas time is the most common.

In Czech Republic and I should say, Slovakia as well, you can find thousands of slightly different recipes, I believe. Each family has their own hidden secret in potato salad. And for me, I have to sat that it is hard to find a potato salad that tastes like the one from home 🙂 The recipe below truly represents the real potato salad you can find in the Czech Republic. Its great taste will really make you famous among Czech communities, believe me 🙂


What do you need for potato salad:

10 potatoes

5 eggs

1 onion

2 carrots

1 tin of green peas

250 g pickles (pickled water is going to be used as well, so do not through it away 🙂 )

250 ml mayonnaise

salt and pepper


What do you need for pork schnitzels:

pork meat (amount is depending on how many people are going to join you)



bread crumbs


Let’ s start with preparation of potato salad. It is always better to have it second day. So what I usually do, I prepare and cook everything during the day, prepare salad the same day in the evening and leave it over night. So… cook potatoes, eggs and carrots in different pots. When done, leave it to cool down. Afterwards, take a really big bowl, peel potatoes and cut them into smaller pieces. The same will follow with carrots and eggs – cut them into smaller pieces and add into the bowl with potatoes. Chop onion and pickles into small pieces and add them into the bowl as well. Mix everything with mayonnaise. The best mixing way is with your cleaned hands 🙂 While mixing, add slowly water from pickles and mix it properly until you get mushy consistency. While adding the pickled water, do not forget to taste it so the salad is not acidic. You can start with 1 – 2 spoons of pickled water. To finalize it, add salt and pepper according to your taste. When ready, let it set in the fridge or any other cold place over night.


The following day, prepare pork schnitzels. Prepare the meat into bigger separate pieces and take 3 bowls. Put flour into the first one, whipped eggs into the second one (starting with 2, later on when needed you can add more) and bread crumbs into the last one. Take a pan or deep baking pan suitable into the oven, add approximately 1.5 cm layer of oil and put it into the preheat oven (190 degrees). Now you can start with schnitzels preparation – take a meat, put it into the first bowl with flower from both sides, put it afterwards into the bowl with eggs and to finalize, put the meat into bread crumbs bed 🙂 When ready, you can start placing schnitzel into the pan with oil and fry it in the oven (the meat is not going to be that dry as you would fry it in the stove). You can continue with this process with every single piece of meat which is ready to become a delicious schnitzel.


Afterwards, take a potato salad, serve it cold on plate and eat it with schnitzel 🙂 And of course – enjoy it!


Vero & Canito



38 thoughts on “Czech classic… Pork schnitzel with “famous Christmas” potato salad

      1. No, just a few small obstacles as another blogger friend mentioned to me earlier. 🙂 Your busy of course work, house, baby, blog I can’t imagine what else you could be doing…Alot on your plate 🙂

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  1. Very interesting info 🙂 it seems that most of nations has potato salad, but everywhere this is little bit different. In estonian salad must be sausage as well and proportions are different. You use more egg, it seems to me.
    Anyway I would try your recipe. Very interesting 🙂 thank you for sharing 🙂 🙂

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  2. What a beautiful plate of food Vero! This potato salad reminds me of the one we made when we lived in Spain– called Ensaladilla Rusa (Russian salad!)– It had peas and carrots and mayo as well. Looks like you ate well when you were there! hugs hugs!

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