Creamy tagliatelle à la carbonara

I love spaghetti carbonara. I did not have them almost two years… Actually, since I was pregnant, mainly because of not fully cooked and prepared egg. I know, there are many opinions about eating raw egg while pregnant. I did not want to risk any salmonella as our little Canito was kind of miracle :-), so I have chosen option without it. And yesterday… my taste buds woke up and we had creamy tagliatelle à la carbonara 😉 I was trying to find any interesting facts about that dish and the only thing which created smile in my face was:

As with many recipes, the origins of the dish and its name are obscure.

Next time I will make more effort to find something better 🙂 Probably when I am going to prepare the real “spaghetti carbonara”.


What do you need: 

250 g bacon

50 g cheddar cheese

100 g lactose free cheese

1/2 cup of lactose free cream

3 large eggs

400 g tagliatelle

2 garlic cloves

unsalted butter

Himalaya salt 

grated black pepper


Put a large saucepan of water on to boil with spoon of salt. Cut the bacon in small pieces, finally grate both cheeses and mix them together. Beat the eggs in a medium bowl and season with a little freshly grated black pepper. Set everything aside.

When water starts boiling, add tagliatelle pasta and cook at constant simmer until just cooked (as Italian would said – cooked al dente). Take a bigger pan (I took Wok pan) and add piece of butter in. Squash the garlic cloves with the blade of a knife, just to bruise it. While pasta is cooking, fry the bacon with the garlic. Fry until is bacon golden and nicely crispy. Then you can remove garlic cloves as they have done their job 🙂 and imparted its flavour.


Keep the heat under the pan low and when the pasta is ready, put it into the pan with bacon (you can use tongs to take it out from water). Do not worry if a little water drops in the pan as well (you want this to happen) and do not throw the pasta water away yet. Afterwards, mix the cheese in with eggs and pour it into the frying pan together with lactose free cream. Mix everything properly together and cook until thickens. Buuut… do not let it scramble. Just to the point that everything is coated. Add extra pasta cooking water to keep it saucy (several tablespoons should do it). You don’t want it wet, just moist. Season with a little salt according to your taste. And your pasta is ready to serve! 🙂 You can sprinkle served tagliatelle with cheese and freshly grated black pepper.



Enjoy your tagliatelle à la carbonara as I did!

Vero and little Canito



36 thoughts on “Creamy tagliatelle à la carbonara

    1. Hi Ben! Thank you! 🙃 It is my passion and relax together. I feel so happy coming home from work, seeing my little one and makes me so happy that I can cook something for my beloved ones💞 I have never thought I will like cooking so much… When I was younger, yogurt was enough for me to eat 🙈😁

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      1. That is true Vero. Because when we get our children we change our priorities . Your gift was always in you, just needed something to activate.And that was my little buddy Canito 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  1. That really looks mouth watering Vero! I’ve never made pasta with carbonara, but have been meaning to try it! You’ve gotten me ready to give it a go… When does your family arrive?? They’ll enjoy your good cooking !! xox

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It will be so exciting to have them here!! I’m up at my daughter’s house this week to celebrate her little Lois’ one year birthday!! I know it will be a sweet time for you all! Hope we get to see pictures! xox

        Liked by 1 person

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