Spicy black bean pizza

This time slightly different pizza – Mexican style. So the classical tomato base is missing and instead spicy black bean base is done 🙂 I could not imagined how it is going to taste and… it pretty tasty!


What do you need for pizza dough

3 ½ cups flour

½ tea spoon salt

½ tea spoon sugar

2 tbls olive oil

30 g yeast (I used dry one)

½ cup milk

½ cup warm water

What do you need for the topping (2 pieces of pizza)

3 tbls olive oil

4 garlic cloves 

1 can of spicy refried beans or homemade one – which we had and you can find recipe here with addition of jalapenos

4 tomatoes

1 handful of baby spinach

1 handful of scallions

3 slices of smoked pork ham

3 slices of German salami




Firstly, prepare your pizza dough. Mix water and milk together, add yeast, sugar, salt and mix it properly. Put it aside for a while so leaven can arise. In the second bowl put flour. Afterwards, add leaven, oil and salt. Mix it very well and properly so you can get non – sticky dough. Put the pizza dough back into the bowl, cover it, put it in warm place and let it be for 30 minutes. You can put it for example into the preheat oven (40 degrees). In the meantime, you can cut salami with ham, grate the cheese and ribbon the courgette with peeler. When the dough is ready, spread it in the baking tray. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. If the pizza dough is thin, 10 – 12 minute is enough for baking. I need 30 minutes, as my dough was thicker.


Pizza topping: When is pizza dough ready, start with spicy refried beans preparation or take a canned one. Take a bowl with olive oil and add crushed garlic, mixed it together and brush it on top of pizza dough. Afterwards, spread refried beans on top of it. Add chopped tomatoes, scallions, baby spinach and at the end add grated cheese on top (I used lactose free cheese, however you can use cheese according to your taste).


This pizza is not typical, but it is great change and tastes really good! 🙂

Vero and Canito





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