Pita bread with chicken and arugula leaves dressing

Pita bread. Nowadays, you can find it around the globe and it is quite famous and delicious “thing” 🙂 The fact you can pack, dip or wrap with pita is amazing, gives you freedom to try whatever you wish and it is almost limitless. Most of the time people pick to pack it with lamb, steak, falafel or chicken. Traditionally, it accompanied by hummus, baba ganoush, tzatziki, or tabouleh. However nowadays, you can eat with avocados (and believe me, it is delicious combination 🙂 ) or eggplants.

From what archeologists can determine, the pita originated with peoples west of the Mediterranean. It is not perfectly clear if it was the Amorites or the Bedouins were the inventors. Both the farming and desert society respectively adopted pitas as their own. Soon, its popularity spread as the Bedouin peoples traded and travel across the Arabian and Sahara desert.

Originally, the pita was a combination of dough that was let to sit and collect yeast and fresh dough until the discovery that brewers yeast works. In the Middle East, It is still often made in a backyard stove compared to the store-bought pitas that have spread all over the globe.

But the history of pitas can only really be appreciated through the taste. The pita though has to be tasted with all the different foods that thrive in or enwrapped by pita. And then you will understand that sliced bread is the best invention since pita bread.


What do you need:

pita bread ( I went with wholemeal version)

500 g chicken breasts

olive oil 

sweet paprika powder, cayenne pepper

1 cup Greek yogurt

1 handful of arugula leaves

salt and pepper

fresh lime juice

vegetables – tomatoes, lettuce, baby spinach, cucumbers (as much as possibilities you wish)


This snack or even dinner is really quick. Stark with chicken – cut chicken breasts into small pieces, marinate them with sweet paprika powder, cayenne pepper and olive oil. When ready, heat up pan, add chicken pieces and fried until soft and tender. In the mean time, prepare arugula dressing. Mix Greek yogurt with finely chopped arugula leaves in bowl. Add salt and pepper and mix it properly again. At the end, squeeze lime and add spoon of lime juice into the yogurt mix. The last thing is just to cut all vegetables which you want to use. Then you can pack your pita bread!


Start with dressing, then vegetables, covered with meat and dressing on top again. Arugula dip is delicious. Give it a go and enjoy it 🙂

Vero & Canito






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