Bulgur – quinoa salad with Benedict egg

Do you like cous-cous? If so, you may probably love bulgur. Many time is bulgur called as a bulgur wheat, cereal food made of wheat groats that have been parboiled, dried, and ground. It has a nutty flavour and be served as a side dish, similar to rice or mentioned cous-cous.

Bulgur remained exclusively a traditional food of the Mediterranean region for many years and as people from the Middle East migrated to the United States, bulgur came with them. In the mid-1900s intensive research was conducted on the nutritional and technical aspects of the bulgur process and modern nutritionists discovered what the ancients already knew: the value of bulgur as a “perfect food” in terms of nutrients, palatability and keeping quality.

I have fallen in love with it and it goes so well with quinoa. And it can be really delicious dinner when combined with different types of vegetables and Benedict egg 😉


What do you need: 

1 cup of bulgur

1 cup of mixed quinoa (or whichever type you prefer)

250 g asparagus

350 g mushrooms

1 red onion

5 tomatoes

olive oil

1 tsp soy sauce

1 tbsp spicy sauce (according to your taste, optional)

salt and pepper

1 egg (per person)

white vinegar


Take a pot, add bulgur and quinoa, mix it together, add 2.5 – 3 cups of water and bring it to boil until soft. I usually leave it until all water is gone. However, if it is ready before, you can drain it as well. While is bulgur with quinoa getting ready, take a Wok pan, add olive oil and chopped red onion. Fry it until golden and add cut mushrooms with asparagus. When getting softer, add soy sauce and spicy sauce and let it cook until soft. Afterwards, when bulgur is ready, put it into the pan with vegetables, mix it properly and stir cut tomatoes in. Put the pan aside and cover it while preparing Benedict eggs.


I have mentioned preparation of these eggs already in one of my previous posts, however let me tell you again. If you are going to prepare several eggs, it is better prepare them one by one. And how to prepare them: break the egg into the glass. Take new pot, add water and vinegar and let it boil. By using a whisk, make a whirl in boiling water and to the middle of whirl let go the egg. Thanks to the whirl, egg will have quite nice shape as well. Let it boil 2 – 3 minutes and take it out. Egg yolk will be slightly runny. Repeat the process with every egg which is needed.


This salad had huge success in our family so hopefully, you will like it as well!



Vero & Canito ❤





17 thoughts on “Bulgur – quinoa salad with Benedict egg

  1. OK Vero– you’re stretching me here. I’ve don couscous and faro and barley, but never bulgar. I’ll to try it. Looks like a healthy hearty meal. thanks. How many days til your family comes in the door??! So exciting! hugs!


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