Minced meat – Grandpa´s meat loaf and cheesy meatballs

Minced meat is simply meat that has been passed through a mincing machine to break it down into smaller pieces. Since I was kid I remember that my grandma has it at home and my parents as well and they used to prepare their minced meat by themselves. Therefore, I love to go with butchers to know what do I get 🙂 If you prefer this way, choose a pieces of meat and ask your butcher to make you a fresh batch right away.  I am sure, most good butchers will be happy to do so. For example, good piece of shoulder is a good option – fairly cheap and has a great taste. Minced can be used for all sorts of wonderful dishes like burgers, meatballs, meat loaf or pasta dishes with minced.

I have picked two most common ways how do I use minced meat this time – meat loaf and meatballs.

Let´s start with Grandpa´s meat loaf

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What do you need: 

500 g minced meat (beef shoulder mixed with pork portion)

150 g bread crumbs

2 eggs

4 onions

salt and pepper

2 – 3 tsp marjoram

sweet paprika powder

chilli powder


1- 2 garlic cloves


Mixed minced meat with bread crumbs, eggs, all prepared spices and herbs, chopped onion and crushed garlic, salt and pepper according to your taste. Mix everything very well. Once done and if needed, add more bread crumbs. When ready, form a loaf and cover it with mustard on top. Afterwards, you can put it into the preheat oven, cover it for about 45 minutes, then remove lid and let it bake until done and nicely crispy on top. This kind of meat loaf can be as well stuffed with many kind of things such as – chorizo, salami, boiled egg, mushrooms, bacon or whatever your taste buds prefer. In that case, you can roll a thin layer of mixed meat and put everything what you like on top and then roll it 🙂

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When nicely baked, you can serve it with potatoes, mushed potatoes or bread. However, it tastes deliciously cold as well, with piece of bread, mustard on top, cover with piece of this meat and pickle aside!

Cheesy meatballs

I am sure, there is so many recipes how to prepare meatballs. Even at our home, we do it differently 🙂 So here is one of the favourite recipes.


What do you need: 

500 g minced meat (beef shoulder, however it can be as well cooked meat – for example from Sunday´s beef broth 🙂 )

1 onion

5 – 6 garlic cloves

1 egg

salt and pepper


ground cumin

plain flour

bread crumbs


small pieces of cheese according to your taste


Mix minced meat with spices and herbs, finely chopped onion, crushed garlic cloves, egg and plain flour and let it set for approximately 30 minutes. Mix it properly and when ready start preparing small balls. Into the each meatball, put small pieces of cheese in the middle and shape it again. Afterwards, cover the meatballs in layer of bread crumbs. In the pan aside, heat up and fry afterwards bread – crumbed meat balls. Delicious dish is ready with potatoes, potato mash or just with salad aside.

Enjoy your minced meat in all kind of ways!

Vero and Canito ❤





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