Simple vanilla cake with chocolate and Chia seeds

Hello my blogger friends!

I have been lately really busy as my family has arrived to visit us πŸ™‚ Finally!!! And… I wanted to prepare cake, so I have done very simple one. This period of time is full of unpleasant weather and I do not know how about you, but I am always looking for something simple during this period of year (probably laziness and wishing to be snuggled, but having good food around? maybe πŸ™‚ ).


What do you need:Β 

250 g self – rising flour (or any other you prefer)

3 eggs

180 ml almond milk (this is according to your taste as well – last time I used coconut – almond one and it was great too)

60 ml oil

60 g brown sugar

vanilla (according to your taste)

3 tbsp Chia seeds

250 g small chocolate pieces



Prepare all ingredients and start with preheating the oven (180 degrees). Afterwards, take two big bowls. In the bigger one, whisk egg. In the second one, mix flour, sugar, Chia seeds and vanilla together. When done, start adding flour mix into the whisked egg in parts together with milk. Afterwards, add oil and stir chocolate pieces into the mix. At the end, pour the prepared cake dough into the buttered baking tray (or with baking paper as me) and bake approximately 35 – 45 minutes.


WhenΒ  baked, enjoy this cake with cup of tea during one of these miserable days!

Vero and little Canito





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