Tortilla – Street Food review

When I say tortilla, what do you imagine? Me… Burrito! Delicious burrito. One of the weekends we went to buy proper corn tortillas and we dropped by and have a quick snack – lunch in Tortilla in Clapham Junction. And as you may know, I am proper burrito lover and I really like that place. Tortilla offers real California burritos (not the Mexican type) and tacos.


When you enter Tortilla, you are very warmly welcomed and however they offer California style burritos, you can feel authentic Mexican offer. Tortilla offers customers flexibility of offered food where the customers have a choice to pick and create their own tacos and burritos. Basically, you can make your own burrito or tacos walking around and “pointing by finger” what do you crave.



As a refreshment I ordered Lemony lemonade. It was delicious, as lemonade should be. You can see Mexican beers on walls together with their spicy salsas which you can buy as well. And what I found absolutely amazing are empty bottle from Corona beer hanging on the ceiling. It give such a funky impression and interesting look.


And how did my burrito look? My burrito was medium size and had – shredded pork meat, guacamole, white rice, black beans, cream and chopped tomatoes mixed with coriander. My husband went for burrito this time as well, however the large size and with spicy salsa and beef 🙂


Tortilla offers authentic fresh and quality California burritos and tacos. And how did we like it? personally speaking, I love that place. If you find a way to Clapham Junction and want a nice burrito, give it a try!

Buen provecho!

Vero & two Canitos

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