Bulgur – vegetable salad with eggs

During grey days, I many time feel like I do not have enough fruit and vegetables. Therefore, I have prepared bulgur – vegetable salad for dinner this time 🙂


What do you need: 

1.5 cup bulgur (I had bulgur mixed with quinoa so if you wish go with it as well 😉 ) 

vegetable stock 

1 cucumber 

1 pepper (you can even use more and different colours)

250 g radish

4 tomatoes

2 avocados

Feta cheese

eggs (depends on how many people you have around, I would suggest 1 – 2 per person)

fresh basil leaves 

fresh mint 



When you have everything ready and out of fridge, take a big pan (Wok is amazing for that) and add 1.5 cup of bulgur and quinoa mix, vegetable stock and 3 cups of water.  Heat it up, bring it to boil and cook it until all water evaporates. In the other pot, boil eggs. In the mean time while everything is boiling, chop all vegetables into small pieces. When is bulgur with quinoa are ready, add to the pan all chopped vegetables. Finely chop mint and basil leaves and add them into the salad. Mix everything properly afterwards. To finalize, peel the boiled egg, cut them into the slices and you can serve. When salad and eggs are served, sprinkle it with Feta cheese and basil leaves.


Enjoy your last working that of this week!

Vero & little Canito



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