Refried Beans — Mexican Food Journal

Hola everyone! 🙂 Let me share with you delicious recipe for refried beans. As nicely mixed family with amazing Mexican cuisine, refried beans are permanently part of our dishes. Mainly the homemade ones and if not... bought ones are always option 🙂 My recipe can be found here 🙂 And please, have a look below!! … Continue reading Refried Beans — Mexican Food Journal

Chicken with baked spinach – ricotta tortellini

Last week I prepared one of the Italian pasta - tortellini, filled with spinach and ricotta. And not to have it just vegetarian, I baked them with pieces of chicken 🙂 Delicious dish! Who does not love pasta?! What do you need for tortellini 400 g of coarse flour (corn would be good as well) … Continue reading Chicken with baked spinach – ricotta tortellini