Lentil soup – easy & comforting

I do not know how you, but I love lentil soup, all legumes. It is not that long time ago when we had pumpkin soup with red lentils and today, I am craving this delicious lentil soup below. We prepare it more or less similarly, so let me share with you this post. And… as a bonus… in our cuisine we have few recommendations how to cook legumes which every grandma shares with her granddaughter and so did mine as well πŸ™‚

  1. Always check your legumes before cooking itself. It may contain small aggregates or other undesirable ingredients.
  2. When checked, flash them with water and afterwards pour cold water in the pot with legumes (or bowl).
  3. Before cooking, it is always good let the legumes to soak. The soaking time varies, depending on the type of legumes. For example lentils need about 5 – 6 hours (if you do not have pre-cooked ones).
  4. Soaking of legumes is very important – vegetables sugars are dissolved. Those sugars cause flatulence.
  5. In the past, it often happened, that baking soda was used. However it is not always the best option – you are destroying B series vitamins!
  6. Pre-soaked legumes are brought to boil and while cooking, resulting foam is being collected, then reduce the heat. Legumes are not mixed during cooking, just shake with the pot a bit.
  7. The boiling time is also dependent on the type of legumes. Lentils are for instance cooked approximately an hour, green peas 1.5 – 2 hours, soy 2 hours, corn 2 – 3 hours. If you have pressure cooker, it can be also used and the cooking time is significantly shorter.
  8. While cooking, do not put too much water, rather add hot water while cooking if needed. Salt and spices are added just before we serve.

Do not get discouraged by the time-consuming preparation (soaking and cooking time). It is definitely worth it and you can prepare a bit more and always keep it frozen for the next time! πŸ™‚

Enjoy my friends!

Vero & Canito

Lentil Soup, easy & comforting! Lentil Soup Your family will love this easy lentil soup so much, they’ll be asking for a second serving! At home, my husband loves soups, and this lentil soup is one of his favorites (along with Chorizo Lentil-Soup). It uses just a few simple main ingredients, but the endΒ result…

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25 thoughts on “Lentil soup – easy & comforting

  1. There was a time when I didn’t love lentils. I still can’t say that it’s a love relationship. However, this past week when I was sick, my housemate cooked some beef veggie soup for me, and included lentils, and my goodness was it good, and hit the spot! Thanks for sharing your post.

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