And… almost 14 months old and our trip to Mexico and Huevos Veracruzanos for breakfast

And the day of our travel arrived. I was getting ready for a while already… mainly mentally, to be honest. And as you can see below, my little monkey was probably thinking about it as well πŸ™‚ I could not imagine, how it is going to be with our little one to handle such a long flight to Mexico and the time difference as well for our little boy with his regime. After two days when we all needed a bit of rest and try to slowly adjust, I am able to share our experience πŸ™‚


The flight was incredibly tiring and we tried to give to our little monkey as much comfort as possible. To be honest, any of airlines are not offering that much support for the smallest travellers, including no possibility for their own seat. We were not different… At least we picked seats for just two people so we would not bother others as I was sure, that we would have crying and struggling moments. To offer sleep to our little Columbus, we “made” him bed from out legs so at least one of us can have “proper” sleep πŸ™‚ But at the end… I am incredibly proud of my boy. He did handle it well, however completely messed up with his sleeping and eating regime… I wish he could get “better” soon.


When we arrived to Mexico City, it was really early in the morning and we had couple of ours until our next flight, therefore we have decided to have our first proper Mexican food – breakfast in Wings ❀ After long flight, feeling still turbulence in my legs having breakfast was great idea. I went for huevos veracruzanos with “energy” fruit juice (you can find recipe below).


After this delicious breakfast, we have continue further to the North Mexico – to Torreon. As my husband sarcastically said – brown and beautiful piece of land πŸ™‚ No matter how the piece of land looks like, the reunion with family has been absolutely great… For the first time seeing the youngest member of family! ❀

And that was our arrival… nothing more, nothing less… Being completely exhausted and happy with friends and family! I am still confused about time and what day it is, but now.. night is coming and I cannot wait to join my little one in bed as well!

Your Vero and whole Canito family ❀


Who would love to try huevos veracruzanos, have a look what do you need: 

250 g black beans

1 cup of chicken broth

100 g Mexican chorizo 

1 tsp butter

4 eggs

4 corn tortillas

2 tbsp cheese 

2 – 3 leaves of epazote (Mexican tea leaves)



Blend the black beans with the chicken broth and the epazote leaves until you have a nicely homogeneous and soft sauce. Afterwards, pour the mixture into the small pan and bring it to boil. Let is simmer for couple of minutes and reduce the fire, just to keep the sauce warm. In the mean time, fry the chorizo with its own fat until brownish. Take a different pan, put butter and scramble eggs and season it with salt according to your taste. When ready, heat up tortillas until soft and flexible. Soak them well in the bean sauce and fill with scrambled eggs. Fold tortillas and add more bean sauce on top. To finalize, sprinkle with chorizo and grated cheese. You can serve with chillies or avocado on top πŸ™‚






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