Three type pasta with courgette and creamy sauce

Finally, we are back to our routine 🙂 I love holidays, but as well missing my “piece”. After Mexican food, which is absolutely delicious and one of the best I have ever eaten, it can be heavy for stomach. So I was looking forward for some change, salads, pasta, rice… 🙂 And here we start…


What do you need: 

3 type pasta – spinach, tomato and classical

1 courgette

150 g mushrooms

1 onion

good piece of spicy chorizo

100 g ham

125 ml lactose free cream

100 g lactose free cheese

2 tbsp vegetable oil 

salt and pepper



I have chosen this time fresh pasta – spinach, tomato and classical one. I have not prepare it by myself, I bought it. Chop finely the onion and add it into the pan together with oil. Start frying until glassy and add cut ham with chorizo. Let it fry until golden. When done, take it out of the pan and leave the oil there. While frying chorizo and ham, cut mushrooms and courgette into small pieces. Add them into the pan with oil from fried ham and chorizo. Let it fry for couple of minutes or until soft. Afterwards, add lactose free cream with salt and pepper. Bring it to simmer and add grated cheese. I have chosen lactose free, however you can add whichever you prefer. Let it simmer until is the cheese melted. While preparing sauce with vegetables, take a bit pot and boil pasta. Fresh one does not take that long.



Afterwards, you can serve pasta with the creamy sauce and vegetables, with golden ham and chorizo on top! 🙂

Enjoy this quick dinner!

Vero & Canito

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