Stuffed dumplings with spinach and Benedict egg

Czech mood has came to our house. I have prepared stuffed dumplings with smoke pork, one of my favourite dishes. It is common to eat with sour cabbage, but this time I made it with spinach and Benedict egg. However, the preparation takes a bit of time, it is definitely worth trying!


What do you need:Β 

400 g smoked pork meat

1 tbsp lard

1 onionΒ 

750 g potatoes

250 g coarse flour (can be as well corn)

1 – 2 eggs (1 large or 2 small) for dumplings

eggs for Benedict egg (1 or 2 per person)


500 g baby spinach


Start with meat. Firstly cut the smoked pork meat into smaller pieces. Take a big pan, add lard and chopped onion. Add the meat and fry it for a while. Frying the smoked pork meat on onion with highlight the taste of the meat. In addition, filling with onion is far more delicious than just smoked pork itself. In the mean time, cook non- peeled potatoes. When ready, let them cool down, peel them and grate them finely. Add flour, egg, salt and make a dough. Do not let the dough rest and make it as quickly as possible, otherwise it will start to get thinner. Roll the dough into the roller shape and slice it. Flatten it by your hand and fill each slice with the mixture of smoked meat with onion, close and shape round dumplings. Immediately, place them into a boiling salted water and cook for 10 to 15 minutes. When ready, take them out with spoon.

While boiling dumplings, prepare spinach. Take a pot with lid and put the baby spinach in with a bit of water. Let it boil until soft. You can add crushed garlic at the end.

When we have everything ready, we can prepare Benedict eggs (recipe can be found here) and serve with spinach and fried onions or bacon on top!



Vero & Canito




14 thoughts on “Stuffed dumplings with spinach and Benedict egg

  1. The dumplings I’ve been mainly exposed to are the Chinese and Japanese variety, where you usually use ready-made dumpling skins and fill them with a mixture of minced pork, chives and shrimp. Maybe I’ll try this one out yesterday and see how dumplings across cultures compare.

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