Spicy Hungarian rice salad

For Hungarian cuisine, rice is not the most typical dish, but even so they have some good dishes over there. As an evidence is this tastefully very interesting rice salad with typical Hungarian spiciness. You can try when when cold weather hits you, hot or warm. If you eat it next day, it will get a better and stronger taste! πŸ™‚


What do you need:Β 

1 cup riceΒ 

2 tbsp olive oilΒ 

1 onionΒ 

2 tbsp sweet paprika powderΒ 

400 ml broth

1 red pepper

100 g chorizo

100 g cheese (according to your taste)Β 

chilli – jalapeno

100 g sweet cornΒ 

chilli powderΒ 


500 g chicken breasts



Take a pot and add finely chopped onion with oil. Heat it up and fry it until glassy. When ready, add rice. Let it fry together with added sweet paprika powder and chilli powder. Fry it for a while and afterwards add broth. If you do not have a broth, you can add water together with vegetable/chicken or beef broth. All possibilities will be good. While preparing rice, cut red pepper, chorizo, cheese and chilli into small pieces. When is rice ready, mix all chopped pieces and sweet corn in.


If you want, you can cut chicken breasts into small pieces and fry them in separate pan with chilli powder and sweet paprika powder until soft and tender. When done, mix it together with salad and you can serve! πŸ™‚



Vero and little Canito


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