Baked cod with bacon and potatoes

Hello my friends!

Finally, I can share what has been happening here – I have a new job! And it means lot of changes, moving and simply everything new! It is exciting and scary together, but I am really happy. The only sad thing is that they do not make it easier for me in my current job as I resigned… Unfortunately.

Soooo… Something easy and comforting for dinner? Baked cod with German salami, bacon and potatoes, together with steamed vegetables and basil dip πŸ™‚


What do you need:Β 

500 g codΒ 

5 potatoes

slices of German salami

slices of baconΒ 

Greek yogurtΒ 

handful of fresh basil leavesΒ 

mixed herbs

salt and pepper

mixed vegetablesΒ 

1 tbsp oilΒ 


Take a cod and wrap each piece with slice of German salami and bacon, you can sprinkle it with mixed herbs. Take a big baking pot and place all pieces in. Cut all potatoes into pieces and place them into the pot with salted boiled water and cook it approximately 5 minutes. When done, place themΒ  into the same pot together with oil. Cover the pot and put it into the oven for approximately 20 minutes or until done. While baking fish and potatoes, steam vegetables in other pot. In the mean time, prepare basil dip. Take a Greek yogurt, finely chop fresh basil leaves and add salt with pepper. When you have everything done, you can serve! πŸ™‚




Vero and little Canito


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