Chilaquiles Verdes with Chicken — Mexican Food Journal

I cannot believe that is a month we were traveling to Mexico. Time flies so fast… And faster it flies, I miss family around. And mainly now when I would love to share with them all nice things which are happening! While browsing and reading your posts, this one has appeared… Chilaquiles! I love chilaquiles and I think I am going to prepare it during the weekend 🙂 It is nice way how to start the day. I do not prepare salsa verde at home (as it is too spicy for me 🙂 ), however we tend to have tomato salsa version (you can check it here).

If you do not have ideas what to prepare for weekend breakfast, give it a go! Enjoy chilaquiles either with salsa verde or tomato sauce!

With love to my Mexico and Mexican boys!

Vero & Canitos

Chilaquiles is an all-time favorite breakfast dish. It’s a mixture of corn tortilla chips and shredded chicken bathed in green salsa and topped with salty ranchero cheese, Mexican cream, and thinly sliced red onion. A few simple ingredients come together to make an authentic and very satisfying dish. I jokingly refer to chilaquiles as “breakfast…

via Chilaquiles Verdes with Chicken — Mexican Food Journal

8 thoughts on “Chilaquiles Verdes with Chicken — Mexican Food Journal

    1. Thank you, Rhonda! Very easy to make. For us it’s a weekend breakfast dish 😁 We have recovered more less in one week, even our little one! 💞 which I am so happy about. I was worried how will he take it and I am amazed 🙃 Lot of hugs! Hopefully, you are all well. Have you visited your daughter already?


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