Pan Fried Bananas with Lechera — Mexican Food Journal

New week, new challenges, new beginnings… How has your week started. I am nearly finishing at my current job, our weekend was good… However full of stuff which is needed for moving. Busy 🙂 Time was flying so quickly and Monday is here again. I was thinking if to bake a cake, but… fried banana option was available too! I could not have had a better picture, so have a look in share post below! Quick, sweet dot after you busy day and dinner… And kids will love it too!

Have a great start of the week! ❤

Vero and little Canito

Platano con Lechera A popular Mexican dessert is cinnamon dusted bananas or plantains pan fried in butter then drizzled with Sweetened condensed milk called Platanos con Lechera. A Dessert Full of Memories This dish holds many memories for our photographer Andrés from when he was growing up in Cuernavaca. I remember when I was a…

via Pan Fried Bananas with Lechera — Mexican Food Journal

21 thoughts on “Pan Fried Bananas with Lechera — Mexican Food Journal

      1. Hello Rhonda! Thank you! We have company who is going to help with moving and the rest only us. I have one week before I start so it that time, I would love to arrange most of the things at new home! ☺️ Take care too and have a great time with little Lois! 💞


      2. Hi Vero– So glad you have that week! Time to figure out where you want everything and start to settle in. I love organizing a new home (we moved 13 times the firs 20 years we were married!!) It so satisfying to find a place for everything. Hope it all goes well– with Canito being your little helper??! Hugs from here.

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      3. Hello Rhonda! I am the same, I love organising new home too. Woow!!! That is a decent number for moving. I have just moved 4 times and this time is 5th time… 🙂 I will keep you posted. So far… it looks here like atomic bomb has exploded and Canito is having fun with boxes, hiding, packing and unpacking already packed stuff 🙂 It is fun! Hopefully you are having a great time with Lois! Regards to your family! 🙂


      4. Oh gosh Vero, yep I can imagine Canito having a ball with everything out and boxes galore! Lois loves dumping all her toys into a box and pushing it around the house. Sounds like you’re doing well… You’re intrepid!! hugs!

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      5. Hi Vero– here for a week–watching Lois while her mom’s at work (her other grandparents normally keep her). And tomorrow we’re off to my sons house so she can play with her cousins. Are you closing in on the packing??! hugs.

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