3 Awesome Ways You Can Help Mexico’s Earthquake Victims

Hello to all my blogger friends! I have shared already story about Mexico and what has lately happened there! And as it is said in this nice article “sharing is caring” so I am following up with other post as I really care about Mexico! All around a world you can find problems, however now, my beloved country, needs help… โค

My Heart of Mexico

Mexico is dealing with possibly the biggest humanitarian crisis in its history, and we need your help.

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Spinach tagliatelle with spicy chorizo and spicy tomato sauce

One of the last meals what I prepared before I have gone on holiday was pasta - tagliatelle! Spinach and classical one ๐Ÿ™‚ I love pasta and I would be able to eat it all the time. So why not to prepare homemade one with Jamie Oliverยดs recipe. And not to prepare it something difficult, … Continue reading Spinach tagliatelle with spicy chorizo and spicy tomato sauce

Picadillo with spicy red salsa

Picadillo is tradition dish for Spain and many Latin American countries, so for Mexico as well.ย The picadillo in Mexico is prepared with ground beef, which isย mixedย with vegetables and it isย cooked with red salsa.ย You will love this combination of flavors and ingredients.ย The great advantage of this picadillo is that it can be used in any occasion. … Continue reading Picadillo with spicy red salsa

Baked pork with red cabbage

Do you know that red cabbageโ€™s origins are strictly European? Cabbage and sour cabbage is a symbol of Central Europe. The Americans even called immigrants from the German and Austrian countries (and the Czechs) Krauts, therefore English speaking countries and language itself have taken over the word sauerkraut without a long search for their own … Continue reading Baked pork with red cabbage

Fluffy plum cake with Chia seeds and crumbling on top

This recipe comes from cakes in Czech regions very traditional and the very first recipe I have from my grandmother. It is a variation of fluffy dough with a minimum of fat and therefore all success depends greatly on whipping and baking, which should be very short. Cake is baked just to get the golden … Continue reading Fluffy plum cake with Chia seeds and crumbling on top