Stuffed dumplings with spinach and Benedict egg

Czech mood has came to our house. I have prepared stuffed dumplings with smoke pork, one of my favourite dishes. It is common to eat with sour cabbage, but this time I made it with spinach and Benedict egg. However, the preparation takes a bit of time, it is definitely worth trying! What do you … Continue reading Stuffed dumplings with spinach and Benedict egg

Roasted rabbit – simply and deliciously

Do you like rabbit meat? 🙂 To be honest, it is not my favourite one, however from time to time with good red cabbage and dumplings... It is delicious dish. When we kids we always needed to help with everything in my grandma's house and as well, when preparing any kind of meat... However, I … Continue reading Roasted rabbit – simply and deliciously

2 ingredients pasta dish

Yesterday, I posted recipe for 2 ingredients creamy potato soup and today I continue with 2 ingredients recipe, again from my grandma. Many of you know that back in the past there was a socialism regime in former Czechoslovakia, and even before two big wars... Many times it happened that you could not simply get … Continue reading 2 ingredients pasta dish

Christmas gingerbread

Czech Republic has lot of Christmas traditions and one of them is Christmas gingerbread. I am sure, many countries have it related as well. My amazing friend and mummy of 3 girls, @romi.tobi (you can check her Instagram), is not just amazing person but as well great cook and baker! And this time, I would … Continue reading Christmas gingerbread