Christmas gingerbread

Czech Republic has lot of Christmas traditions and one of them is Christmas gingerbread. I am sure, many countries have it related as well. My amazing friend and mummy of 3 girls, @romi.tobi (you can check her Instagram), is not just amazing person but as well great cook and baker! And this time, I would … Continue reading Christmas gingerbread

Minced meat – Grandpa´s meat loaf and cheesy meatballs

Minced meat is simply meat that has been passed through a mincing machine to break it down into smaller pieces. Since I was kid I remember that my grandma has it at home and my parents as well and they used to prepare their minced meat by themselves. Therefore, I love to go with butchers … Continue reading Minced meat – Grandpa´s meat loaf and cheesy meatballs

Old Bohemian marble cake

This type of cake is a type of sweet pastry that is made by baking already more than 90 years. To be honest... I remember already my grand-grandmother to prepare this delicious cake 🙂 This is a typical pastry not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Poland, Austria and southern parts of Germany … Continue reading Old Bohemian marble cake

Czech classic… Pork schnitzel with “famous Christmas” potato salad

When I say Czech classic then I really mean Czech classic. Czechs love potato salads. They use it to make special sandwiches called “chlebicky,” but also just as a side to main dishes. And, for example, a typical Christmas dinner includes potato salad with fried carp or schnitzel (mainly pork one, as traditionally speaking - any … Continue reading Czech classic… Pork schnitzel with “famous Christmas” potato salad

Baked pork with red cabbage

Do you know that red cabbage’s origins are strictly European? Cabbage and sour cabbage is a symbol of Central Europe. The Americans even called immigrants from the German and Austrian countries (and the Czechs) Krauts, therefore English speaking countries and language itself have taken over the word sauerkraut without a long search for their own … Continue reading Baked pork with red cabbage