Lathraea Squamaria — You Can Do It

I read this post and I want to share it with you even though it is not related to food and my kitchen. It just somehow reflects my current situation at work. I have resigned at work and suddenly, it seems like many of "these flowers" have appeared around me. Environment full of blame, insults, … Continue reading Lathraea Squamaria — You Can Do It

Zacahuil – An ancient culinary tradition started by the Ancient Aztecs, still practiced today

I have found this lovely blog and great posts about my beloved Mexico ❤ Have a look, my friends, if you have not seen yet!

Your Vero and little Canito


One of the reasons many domestic travelers visit the Huastec Region of Mexico is to enjoy the delicious ethnic dish called zacahuil.

Zacahuil translates as bocado grande, Spanish for big bite.  The word derives from one of the many Maya dialects specifically the Huastec or Téenek.

When I traveled to Xilitla, one of my beloved towns in Mexico, I had the opportunity to eat this succulent dish for the first time.  It is delicious to say the least; smoky in flavor and the meat in the dish provides enough protein needed to start a new day full of activities or just to start a regular workday.

The livelihood of many families in Xilitla depends upon this dish as it provides the means to generate income and support their families.

This video showcases the long process of making zacahuil, which is usually prepared by the women, just like most…

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Sweet Death

My beloved Mexico! ❤

Creative Hands of Mexico

The term artesanía roughly translates to “handcrafts” or “folk art” although cultural differences mean that the terms are not completely equal. For example, the adjective artesanal can and often is applied to certain processed foods such as bottle salsas, chocolate, coffee and alcohols if said products are made at a home or by a small enterprises that do not use industrial methods.

Despite the tempation cover some of these artesanal goods (as they ARE wonderful), I have stuck to products that fit the definition of handcrafted in English. However, there is one tradition that truly blurs the line between edible and non-edible “handcrafts.”


Alfeñique is the creation of a sugar paste, which is then molded into various decorative shapes. The term is not known to foreigners, but anyone who has been to Mexico during Day of the Dead (esp. in central Mexico) has seen its most representative product… a highly…

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The Versatile Blogger Award… Award #2

Thank you very much are my first words! 🙂 After being sick, I am catching up and such a nice surprise! What can I say? Just few months of being part of the “blogger” family and I was nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award. Such a pleasure and big thanks to my followers and “blogger” … Continue reading The Versatile Blogger Award… Award #2

Few ways how to deal with fear of flying

Holiday has started. At least for our family. Last few days I was really busy and did not know what to do first. Finally, I am sitting, relaxing and thinking about my tomorrow´s flight. I am not that confident while flying, mainly because I do not like to be locked somewhere where I cannot get … Continue reading Few ways how to deal with fear of flying