Picadillo with spicy red salsa

Picadillo is tradition dish for Spain and many Latin American countries, so for Mexico as well. The picadillo in Mexico is prepared with ground beef, which is mixed with vegetables and it is cooked with red salsa. You will love this combination of flavors and ingredients. The great advantage of this picadillo is that it can be used in any occasion. … Continue reading Picadillo with spicy red salsa

Chicken livers with asparagus rice

The liver is not only a pate. There are dozens of different recipes to prepare this delicacy. In the kitchen, chicken, pork, beef, veal, lamb, mutton, venison, and sometimes even fish livers are most often prepared. Liver from poultry, pigs, calves and lambs are very delicate, therefore they are suitable for quick dish preparation. The … Continue reading Chicken livers with asparagus rice