Patatas bravas with steamed tilapia

Patatas bravas is typical Spanish dish (tapa) which contains potatoes and spicy tomato sauce. Something spicy in our family - always welcome. We really like this dish, mainly when we go to Spanish restaurant it is always one of our tapas.Β  What do you need:Β  250 g Spanish chorizo potatoes (I always count 2 - … Continue reading Patatas bravas with steamed tilapia

Pita bread with chicken and arugula leaves dressing

Pita bread. Nowadays, you can find it around the globe and it is quite famous and delicious "thing" πŸ™‚ The fact you can pack, dip or wrap with pita is amazing, gives you freedom to try whatever you wish and it is almost limitless. Most of the time people pick to pack it with lamb, … Continue reading Pita bread with chicken and arugula leaves dressing

Goulash #5: Spicy beef goulash

Goulash #5. Honestly, I think it is already 6th different one I have prepared, I have just started with numbers a bit later πŸ™‚ For me... goulash is always option when I do not know what to cook and want to have something warm and delicious. And my husband simply loves it! πŸ™‚ So why … Continue reading Goulash #5: Spicy beef goulash