Raspberry – blueberry vanilla cheesecake

Cheesecake is the most favourite cake of my husband. He really loves it.ย Nowadays there are hundreds of different cheesecake recipes. The ingredients are what make one cheesecake different from another. ย And the most essential ingredient in any cheesecake is of course cream cheese. To celebrate our little monkey, who has just been with us in … Continue reading Raspberry – blueberry vanilla cheesecake

Fluffy plum cake with Chia seeds and crumbling on top

This recipe comes from cakes in Czech regions very traditional and the very first recipe I have from my grandmother. It is a variation of fluffy dough with a minimum of fat and therefore all success depends greatly on whipping and baking, which should be very short. Cake is baked just to get the golden … Continue reading Fluffy plum cake with Chia seeds and crumbling on top

Huevos rancheros ร  la papรก

The literal translation is โ€œrancherโ€™s eggsโ€ originating on ranches and farmhouses in Mexico. This dish has many styles and each of them is sometimes mixed and matched to better fit chefs and cultural tastes. This plate mainly consists of eggs, red chili - tomato sauce with fried tortillas. If you wanted to take this dish … Continue reading Huevos rancheros ร  la papรก