3 Awesome Ways You Can Help Mexico’s Earthquake Victims

Hello to all my blogger friends! I have shared already story about Mexico and what has lately happened there! And as it is said in this nice article “sharing is caring” so I am following up with other post as I really care about Mexico! All around a world you can find problems, however now, my beloved country, needs help… ❤

My Heart of Mexico

Mexico is dealing with possibly the biggest humanitarian crisis in its history, and we need your help.

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What a Deadly Earthquake Will Teach You About Courage

Having Mexican family far from us, thinking about them every day and wish we could be closer, I would like to share this touching post! ❤

My Heart of Mexico

On September 19th, 2017, at 1:14 in the afternoon, a deadly earthquake rocked Mexico City and sparked a thousand stories of indescribable pain and unbelievable courage.

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