Many times when I am looking for ideas what to cook, I decided based on what is available in my kitchen. So I made a list of ingredients and sorted recipes based on that. However, you can find a list of Mexican dishes too and separate category for goulash. Maybe, you will get inspired based on what do you have available too โค


The best start of the day… ๐Ÿ™‚



Do you like them? I love them and mainly during the cold weather it is simply the best how to get nicely warm.

Soups are the first course of lunch or gala dinner. It adds daily fluid intake. The job of the soup is to warm up the stomach, provide and support the excretion stomach juices and prepare the stomach to receive the main course.


Meat dishes

Meat is defined as the portable parts of animals intended for human nutrition. The main ingredients of the meat are water, proteins and fats, but in a minor proportion (but nutritionally important) the meat contains also extracts, minerals and vitamins. Meat is a significant source of readily digestible full-fat proteins, vitamins (especially B), unsaturated fatty acids and minerals (such as iron, calcium, zinc), and is therefore considered an important part of human nutrition. Meat is especially popular for its sensory properties. Consumption of meat is historically given by our ancestors’ livelihood.





Fish & Sea food

Minced meat

Livers / duck / rabbit


One of my favourite dishes…

Goulash had been invented in Hungary as a simple beef soup that could be cooked in one pot over an open fire. In fact, the word literally means โ€œcowboy food.โ€ As the nations of Central Europe started to differentiate themselves, the Czechs began to adapt goulash to suit their own tastes and local ingredients.ย While Hungarian goulash was originally made with beef, the Czechs created new varieties of the dish, incorporating ingredients such as pork, sauerkraut, potatoes, vegetables and making the consistency thicker and more like stew. The sweet paprika is followed with spicy paprika, which goes better with Czech beer.

One pot dishes

Simple, easy, comforting and quick food for busy days.



Whenever you want to get an inspiration and crave or have something specific at home, here is the list based on different types of sides.







Still not that good at it and not confident enough, however I am trying!

Sour baking

Sweet baking


Probably one of my most favourite categories – salads. Very easy and quick during working days and delicious as well. You can make so many combinations with vegetables and whatever you like.

Mexican cuisine

My heart issue โค Many times it is not possible to find a good ingredients, however you may get inspired…